It works like magic.

Alis includes the ultimate IOT technologies,
no wires, no dimmers and no systems.

Portable IOT light

Simply contemporary.

Alis is compatible with the latest home assistants.


A product designed to be part of your body.


Primitive gestures, high tech device.


A patented technology brings light spots where you couldn’t imagine before.

Internet of things inside.

Alis allows you to create a decentrilized system that cannot fail.

1700 Lumen of warm light.

The most powerful portable lighting device on the Hi-End market.

Environmentally friendly.

Less devices, less pollution.

Still thinking different.

The world’s most advanced and beautiful lighting device.

design meets technology

One light fits all.

Alis is a table, floor and wall lamp at the same time.

Dedicated application.

Create a system of lights in a few steps.